aboutusGrizzly Outfitters is not just one guy, or two, the business is a Big Sky success because it consists of a cohesive team of ski bums, hardcore mountain bikers, and trout fishing fiends. Its roots go back 20 years to times when selling a truck to get a loan secured the original space, then to relocations when the business grew twofold, to expansions and renovations which became a necessity due to demand.

This success in the past is due largely to a ‘never settling for secondbest motto and an understanding of customers’ needs and then giving them what they deserve. Hiring the best and brightest employees in their chosen fields and keeping them motivated, thus coming back to work seasonally year-after-year; is no small feat in today’s climate, but ask those you’ll meet behind the counter and they’ll tell you how pleased or ‘stoked’ they are to be there (and that is a rarity even among fly shop and ski businesses).

This intuitive business sense combined with providing a fun atmosphere is what has been instilled in our new fly shop and guide staff; a sense that “if you treat the client and customer as a friend; you’ll certainly be treated as one on the job.”

These ‘good vibes’ translate to a great experience for our valued customers and the ultimate goal is to ensure each and every one of our guests is pleased with their Montana fly fishing experience; whether it’s their first time here or their hundredth.

Book with Grizzly Outfitters this season and you’ll be glad you did!